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Topshop Express Delivery’s website to launch in Italy next month

TopshopExpress has been given the go-ahead to open its first delivery service in Italy in September.The service will allow customers to book a parcel from the UK and receive it from Italy in a matter of minutes.The Italian website,, says it will offer “premium delivery” and “express” delivery services, but is not yet ready […]

How to get the best price on Amazon Express Delivery from your local branch

A lot of us are used to paying extra for online orders and the price tags on products, but there’s no better way to get those discounts.Here’s how to find out exactly what your local post office is offering at the time of delivery and get the cheapest price on your next delivery.What you need […]

How to get a delivery truck with a ‘fake driver’ sticker on it

A delivery truck driver who was accused of driving a fake license plate with an exclamation point and a U.S. flag on it has been found guilty of multiple charges.Dorothy Johnson, 48, a registered nurse from Florida, had been under investigation for allegedly driving a delivery vehicle with a fake driver’s license plate and an […]

When Flipkart says it’s delivering a new Indian Express, it’s ‘in our DNA’

Delhi: India’s biggest online retail giant Flipkard has said it’s going to start delivering Indian Express-branded cars, taxis and buses in the country by 2020.The move follows the recent decision by Flipkar to add two more states to its network, and is in line with the company’s efforts to increase its footprint in the nation.According […]

How to order your coffee with a fast delivery delivery option

A coffee delivery service that promises to deliver your groceries, household items, and household essentials at a price that is “just right” to you, at a fraction of the cost of traditional coffee shops.The service, called the Coffee Express, has been rolling out to more than 30 locations across New York City and Boston, with […]

When I need a delivery, I use Express Express Flower Delivery!

My mother and I have always used Express Flower delivery service.I’ve been to their store for a long time and have been using their delivery service for years.We have had to use Express Flower for delivery to the Philippines since the beginning of the year.Express Flower has a special delivery option to deliver to most […]

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