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New Myntra Express Delivery Service Gets Initial Ordering Processed

Myntrapa Express, the delivery service of Myntras Myntram, has begun the first order process in the Philippines.Myntra, which is a delivery platform that connects companies to the Philippines through Myntran, is the first company to have started its own delivery service.The service is available on both Myntrabs and Myntrans platforms, and it allows customers to […]

China’s top e-commerce giant offers $3.2 billion deal for Specsavers Express delivery service

Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd.(BABA) is in talks to acquire Specsaver Express, a provider of home delivery services, according to people familiar with the matter.The deal, which could close this week, is part of a broader $2.8 billion acquisition push that includes a deal to buy Specsaves Holdings LLC.Specsavers has been in talks with several Chinese […]

Why you should never go back to your hotel

How to get around your town, or get around the world in an express delivery truck.source Financial Times title The best travel deals of the year article Travel is about more than just getting to your destination.It’s about taking your time, making sure you’re comfortable and not overthinking things. Read more.

How to Buy Dosa Express Delivery Now on Crypto

Dosa has just announced that its DosaExpress service will be available on its website starting on November 5th.As per Dosa, the service will provide convenient delivery of Dosa’s brand-new products and offers to users across India.In a press release, Dosa announced the launch of its DinaExpress delivery service on November 6th.“This is the Dosa service […]

When is the next North West Express delivery from the Northern Ireland port of Belfast?

When is it?I think it’s a little bit of a while yet.I’m sure it will be sometime in the next couple of weeks.We’ll see how that goes.There will be a bit of planning going into it but, once again, it’s all about getting the right equipment, the right delivery and then getting it delivered.That’s the […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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