This is a really good idea for a video game

It’s a new video game that lets you ride a robot around a city on a motorbike.

And it’s a pretty good one.

The concept is simple: You control a bike that’s been controlled by a robot with an Oculus Rift headset.

When the bike goes around a certain part of the city, you can pedal it.

It’s really easy to get into, and it’s pretty fun.

It does have some annoying moments, though.

It starts to shake and it seems like it’s trying to move forward when you don’t really want to, but otherwise it’s surprisingly smooth and responsive.

I think I was able to ride it about 30 minutes in and I had no issues.

I was also able to get a good sense of how the city feels.

The VR version of the game lets you control the robot from a couple of different angles, and I could see a bit of movement when I was riding it.

I had a bit more trouble keeping the bike moving when I moved it around the city than I did in my regular life.

That’s partly because the VR version has a much wider field of view, but I’m pretty sure I was still able to see pretty much every street and building I could find.

The downside is that the game can’t really be played in VR, because you need an Oculus headset to use it.

I found the demo to be pretty solid, although there was a few moments where the game seemed to go a bit too fast or not as smoothly as I’d like.

But the VR experience still feels like it belongs on the Oculus Rift.

I would recommend trying it out for yourself if you’re a VR fan.

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