‘A new kind of delivery’: Australian Postal to roll out its first mobile postal service

A mobile postal delivery service will be rolled out in the Northern Territory, as part of a new national postal service rollout announced by the Northern Land Transport Authority (NLTA) in December.

The postal service will operate on a “shared service” model, where a number of vehicles are parked near each other, and each vehicle can deliver parcels via an automated system.

This is the first mobile service to be rolled-out by the NT Land Transport Agency, which is tasked with delivering public services across the Territory.

“Our goal is to provide the Northern Territories with the best postal service possible,” NT Land transport agency chief executive Ian Jones said in a statement on Thursday.

“By delivering this service on a shared service model, we are able to provide a consistent delivery service across the whole of the NT, including to the major metropolitan centres, remote communities and townships.”

The NT Land Transportation Agency’s mobile postal parcel delivery service is due to begin operating in late 2019.

It is expected to be fully operational in 2020, with deliveries of parcels by parcel, courier or post-office service.

“There are a number areas in the NT where there is a shortage of the sort of parcel delivery services that are currently available,” Mr Jones said.

“In these areas, we have the opportunity to deliver parcel services by parcel and parcel delivery, as well as delivery of the delivery of delivery of parcel by post-indoors.”NT Land transportation agencies across the Northern Australian region are already using parcel delivery to deliver public services.

In 2017, NT Land launched a public transport service that is also used to deliver parcels by delivery truck.

A number of NT land transport agencies have experimented with other forms of parcel service delivery, such as a parcel delivery by drone.

However, the NT land transportation agency said it will focus on the delivery system in the first instance.

“We are going to start using this service in early 2020, so it’s important that we deliver it right,” Mr Smith said.

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