Why did the Lad eat the camel?

A new theory has emerged on why the Lad ate the camel.

It seems that he had an ulcer on his foot which he couldn’t get rid of, so he used the camel as a substitute for a replacement foot.

It all started in April 2019 when the Lad was playing cricket at a match in Kolkata.

He was suffering from severe leg cramps, but the coach and players thought it would be a good idea to play the game with him for the first time.

The coach, a former Indian cricket player, told the media that the Lad’s foot was swollen and he could not get out of the match without putting on his protective footgear.

The coaches thought the Lad would be better off playing in a sling, so they brought him to a local hospital to get the swelling treated.

When the doctors asked the Lad to show them how to treat his foot ulcer, the Lad immediately responded that he could get out easily without wearing any shoes.

They took him to the doctor and the doctor explained that the injury was not a problem.

He said the problem was a swelling in the heel bone.

The doctor was not impressed and told the Lad that the ulcer would need to be removed and a second ulcer was needed.

The lad, however, insisted on playing, and his friends and team mates were happy to oblige.

They gave him some medicine to put on his feet.

The doctor told them to wait for him to get well and to give him some ice water to cool the swelling.

On Friday morning, the swelling was gone.

He could walk around the stadium without pain and was ready to play cricket again.

The team had the news the next day, and the players rushed to the hospital to find out why he was not feeling better.

Doctors said that the swelling would be cured in just two weeks, and that the team could play the match.

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