‘A real beauty’: A new beauty brand to delight women in India

New York – Beauty brand mint express is about to enter India with a new beauty line.

The Indian beauty company has just launched a new range in India.

In an exclusive interview with Times of Indian, founder-CEO and founder of Mint Express, Manu Kale, talked about Mint Express and what she has learnt from the customers in India over the last two years.

Mint Express has launched a beauty range in the country which is called the ‘beauty palette’.

The palette is a beauty line that includes three palettes: a matte palette, a powder palette and a powder foundation.

It is designed to provide a range of products for all skin types.

MintExpress says that the range is available in Indian stores. 

According to Mint Express CEO Manu, the range will cater to all skin tones.

She also mentioned that the palette is available at Indian stores now.

“The palette is designed for a range for a wide range of skin types, but also at different skin tones,” Manu said.

Her beauty palette will have products for oily skin types and a cream and oil foundation for sensitive skin types.

Our aim is to give the best products to the people who have been excluded from the beauty industry in the past. “

We want to be inclusive.

Our aim is to give the best products to the people who have been excluded from the beauty industry in the past.

We are making an effort to give all the skin types an affordable beauty product.”

Mushrooms, cream and other products in Mint Express’ ‘beautymash’ range are available in India and will be available on its website for a limited time.

This is not the first time that Mint Express has introduced a new product in India, its last range in India was launched in 2015.

Read more on Mint Express.

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