The world’s fastest delivery car has been unveiled in Sheffield

Transport for London (TfL) has unveiled a new delivery car, the Lightning Express, which can be ordered from the online shop.

The delivery vehicle can take you to and from work, from the office to the shopping centre, and is a big improvement on the existing delivery vans.

The company has also launched a number of other delivery vehicles in other cities.

The Lightning Express is the first delivery vehicle to use electric power.

The electric motor provides the vehicle’s torque, which enables the car to carry an extra tonne of freight without burning fuel.

The engine can run for up to 30 hours before needing a charge, which TfL says is about half the time it takes for conventional vehicles.

The driverless Lightning Express can be rented out for up at £1,000 a day, and can accommodate up to five people.

The vehicle can also be driven on the M4 motorway and is designed to handle traffic as well as pedestrians and cyclists.

The new vehicle is the brainchild of Tfl’s director of innovation, Dr Dan Pappalardo.

The Lightning can travel at up to 90mph with a full charge, while being able tow up to four tonnes of cargo, all while maintaining a top speed of 45mph.” “

The Lightning Express uses an electric motor to propel the vehicle on a road, while also being able to travel at speeds of up to 45mph.”

The Lightning can travel at up to 90mph with a full charge, while being able tow up to four tonnes of cargo, all while maintaining a top speed of 45mph.

“The Lightning has been designed to carry up to 15 tonnes of freight on its wheels, but can also carry up a total of 40 tonnes of heavy goods and vehicles.

It can be leased for up in the region of £1.25 million a year.

Tf, the national transport planning body, said that the vehicle would be available in the city by the end of 2017.

The first Lightning Express was introduced in the United States last year, with the company also developing the electric UberPOOL and the electric delivery van.

Transport for Edinburgh was the first UK city to order a Lightning Express.

A second Lightning Express has been delivered to Edinburgh, while Edinburgh is also in the process of acquiring a fleet of electric vehicles to replace the ageing fleet.

Transport Scotland has also committed to bringing in electric vehicles in the capital, and will soon start testing them on the roads.

In the UK, electric delivery vans are already available on some streets, but Tf says they are not yet available in all areas of the country.

The London Underground’s fleet of 20 delivery vans has a range of 100 miles, and the new Lightning Express will be able to carry 80 tonnes of goods.

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