‘It’s not a scam’: Uber drivers in India’s biggest cities are ‘stupid’

New Delhi, Jan 15: Uber is in hot water over allegations that drivers who hail from its main rival in India, Didi Chuxing, were colluding with one another to cheat drivers of Rs 1.7 lakh.

Uber said it has been “investigating the matter and will take action if required”.

Didi has denied the allegation and has been working on its own investigation.

Uber is India’s most popular app.

Uber has raised about $2.5 billion from private investors and is looking to increase that by up to $10 billion in the next three to five years.

The taxi industry is a major driver of the industry.

Sources in the Delhi government have said that Uber has been offering an option for Didi drivers to earn the Rs 1,000 a day bonus by “subscribing” to the app, but they have not been able to make the payments.

The new Uber app will allow drivers to book trips using the platform for Rs 2,000.

The drivers will receive Rs 1 lakh as a bonus if they book a trip worth Rs 2 lakh.

This is a move to attract more drivers to the platform.

While Didi is a private company, Uber is a public company which has to abide by regulations.

Uber is the world’s biggest taxi app.

It has more than 1.2 billion users across the globe.

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