How China’s Office Express Delivery service works

China has rolled out its first online delivery service to the United States, an effort that has so far generated mixed reactions from American shoppers.

The service, called Office Express, connects American companies with a Chinese logistics company that will arrange shipments, pick up the items and deliver them to the American office.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo reports.

The move by China comes as the United Kingdom prepares to start accepting delivery via the internet.

It has already announced plans to offer a “direct delivery” service.

Ahead of the launch, the Chinese commerce ministry said it would “open the online delivery market” for American companies, Bloomberg reported, citing a source familiar with the matter.

The United States already has several online delivery companies, including a few in the United Arab Emirates, according to Bloomberg.

“We are opening a space to build our own global logistics network, which will enable companies to move goods faster and better to the U.S.,” China’s commerce ministry spokesman, Li Jing, said in a statement.

While the United states has been trying to find a way to become a more efficient and attractive market for companies, there is concern that opening the online service will only boost the demand for its services.

For the first time, U. S. shoppers can order online via a website, but the process is a long one.

Orders typically require multiple emails and can take up to 24 hours.

For customers in the U, there are two options for delivery: First, customers will need to send an email to the company with the details of their order, such as the name of the order and the date and time it will be delivered.

Second, customers can call to request an appointment.

Customers can also get in touch with their local courier service to place their order.

It’s unclear how the service will affect delivery times for American customers, Bloomberg said, adding that it’s possible that shipping time may decrease.

In the United Nations, the U-N said it has agreed to set up an office in Washington, D.C., to facilitate international deliveries, but it was not clear if the new delivery service will be offered to the public or other countries.

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