What you need to know about the military’s newest fighter jet

Brisbane, Australia — Australia’s new warplane fighter jets are on their way to the Middle East and Europe.

The Australian Defense Force says it will begin to test the new fighter jets at an air force base near Brisbane in late spring.

But the country’s new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been slow to reveal the full extent of Australia’s plans for the fighter jets.

I want to see them in the ground, I want them flying in the air, but also we need to understand that this is a test flight and that we have to get this right. “

I want to get them in as soon as possible.

I want to see them in the ground, I want them flying in the air, but also we need to understand that this is a test flight and that we have to get this right.

Australia is buying more than 1,000 fighters to replace the aging F-35.

The F-18, a U.S.-built jet, is due to be retired by the end of this decade.

Turnbull is the first Australian leader to publicly announce Australia’s plan to buy a new fighter.

In a speech on Friday, Turnbull said the Australian Air Force is preparing to begin testing the new fighters.

I want you to be the first to know what the next steps will be for Australia’s next aircraft, Turnbull told a crowd of defence industry executives.

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SIGN UP The announcement came as the U.K. voted to leave the European Union, prompting a major surge in U.N. peacekeeping missions in the European theater.

While the move will not affect U.L.O. troops, it will create uncertainty in the Middle Eastern theater where the U:U.S. has a presence in several countries.

It also means that the U.:U.K.’s defense industrial base is likely to be hit harder than the European ones, said David Cameron, the U.-K.”s prime minister.

Ahead of the vote, the government’s deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg, said the U.?s withdrawal would “leave us vulnerable to future aggression” and create “a vacuum” for Islamist extremism.

This is the time for us to act, Clegg told a gathering of U.E. officials, the European Parliament, and senior military officials.

And if we do nothing, I am afraid we are going to get dragged into a situation where there will be a return of a U.?

K.-led regional war, Cleg warned.

He did not give an indication when the first F-16s would arrive in the region.

Many of the U?

K.’ s military commanders, including the head of Britain’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that they would not support the U?:U.?

K.?s move to withdraw.

On Monday, Defense Secretary Michael Fallon said that Britain would not “re-enter the global coalition of the free world.”

The U.?


move to exit the EU is not the end, Fallon said, but it is a “step” in the right direction.

Britain’s Prime Minister has been under pressure to publicly commit to the U ?


exit from the bloc.

The U.?k.?s defense budget has been cut by more than 60% since Britain joined the EU in 1973.

There is also the prospect that Britain could face new U.F.O.-type threats, like Russian-made SA-22 surface-to-air missiles, that can hit aircraft carriers, aircraft carriers are not equipped to shoot down them.

U.F.-35s are designed to shoot and strafe their targets.

They are also more survivable against cruise missiles and surface- to-air missile attacks.

Russia’s U.P.S., which is also a defense contractor, has made significant progress in developing the U-23, a long-range, long-kill weapon that would be used against cruise and anti-ship missiles.

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