Which states use Google Express delivery? | POLITICO

Google Express delivers to nearly half of U.S. homes, and is the No. 1 way for Americans to get things done.

But it’s also a big liability for some.

Here are five states that use Google delivery and what you need to know about them.


Virginia 2.

Maryland 3.

Georgia 4.

Delaware 5.

Minnesota The state with the most Google Express deliveries in the U..

S., Virginia, is also the state with one of the highest costs per package.

In a typical year, Virginia gets about $10,000 per order, according to a 2015 analysis from the consulting firm CB Insights.

That’s a lot more than Maryland and Georgia, which each get about $7,000, according a 2016 study from the non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau.

Google says that for a typical package, it can take up to 14 days for the delivery truck to arrive in Virginia.

The average delivery time for a package is typically less than 30 minutes.

The delivery rate has grown substantially over the past few years, however, with Google Express now offering up to 30 minutes for a delivery.

That could mean you might not see your package for two weeks, depending on the route and the weather.

The company says its average delivery is around 45 minutes per delivery.

For a typical home delivery, that’s less than an hour.

You might be surprised how often it takes for the truck to deliver your package.

Google said its average average delivery for a home delivery in 2016 was approximately 45 minutes, which is a little over 30 minutes per package, according the company’s 2016 delivery report.

Google Express’ average time per delivery in 2017 was only 27 minutes, but that’s a bit more than half of what it took in 2016.


New York 3.

New Jersey 4.

Connecticut 5.

California The states with the lowest average per-pack delivery rate are New York, California and New Jersey.

The reason why is because New York and New England are the two places where most Americans live, while New York has the lowest overall population.

Google delivered to fewer than 1 in 10 homes in the five states.

The rest of the time, the company says it’s delivering to the homes of “other” Google employees.

That means the company doesn’t use the company name.

In 2016, Google delivered packages in New York to nearly 9 percent of homes, but only a third of the people who received it had a Google email address, according an analysis by the non,partisan Legislative Finance Bureau.

The most common Google email addresses for New York residents were residents of the Brooklyn boroughs, Queens and Staten Island.


Washington D.C. 4.

California 5.

Florida In 2016 and 2017, Google said it delivered packages to less than 2 percent of the homes in Washington, D. C. But the company is growing that delivery rate significantly.

Google’s average delivery rate for a single-day delivery is currently about 5.6 minutes, according CB Insenses.

But for a two-day, Google says its delivery rate is closer to 3.2 minutes per day, which would mean the company could deliver your packages in less than six minutes.

Google has added delivery services to its delivery network in 2017, and said in 2018 it is rolling out a “first-class” delivery service to customers in Washington D, C. According to CB Insess, the first-class service will be available from January 2 through December 31.

4, 5.

Pennsylvania 6.

Florida 7.

Washington 7.

New Hampshire 8.

Texas 8.

Wisconsin 9.

Delaware The states where the most people live are Delaware, New Jersey, New York (where the state’s population is nearly 100 million people), Maryland, New Mexico and Texas.

In 2017, the average per person delivery rate in the states was approximately 3.3 minutes.

But as of 2018, Google’s delivery rates were closer to 2.7 minutes per person, according data from CB Insures.

The next biggest delivery states are New Mexico (4.3), Virginia (3.4) and Florida (2.7).

In 2020, Google estimated its average per package delivery rate was closer to 4 minutes per household.

The data for the states where delivery is slowest are New Jersey (2 minutes), California (1 minute) and New Mexico.


Colorado 10.

New Mexico The only state where Google delivers to fewer people is Colorado, which the company does deliver to.

Google claims it delivered to nearly 5 percent of households in Colorado in 2016 and 5.5 percent in 2017.

The state has one of its biggest cities in Denver, with a population of about 17 million people.

It also has a strong, thriving business ecosystem that includes the city of Denver, Colorado’s largest airport, and the University of Colorado.

Google did not respond to a request for comment on the company services and rates it offers.


South Dakota 12.

New Brunswick 13.

Connecticut The states that offer the lowest per-person delivery rates are South Dakota

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